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Duricef (Cefadroxil)

A challenge to parents
All this has to do with the physical side, but if one is to believe thoroughly what one reads in modern psychiatric writing, the offspring, personally conducted by the mother through the early part of life’s journey, often is wrecked on the Scylla of personal animosity or the Charybdis of too much attachment and dependence. It seems hard to believe that many mothers actually dislike their young children and act accordingly. More often it is an example of a common human failing, the overdoing of a good thing.
The mother, who of necessity must absolutely dominate the infant of a few months, may arouse resentment if she continues to do so when the child is developing its own ideas and most naturally wants to be on its own some of the time. Also the emotional, fussy mother, changing her child’s apparel every time the sun goes behind a cloud, or producing a thermometer whenever the child’s face is red from exercise, may be very exasperating and upsetting to the child’s equanimity.
Healthy youngsters can stand a good deal. If they are sick, they show it by their actions. In my early manhood I wondered at children playing for long hours in the cold water of the North side of Cape Cod, which quickly chilled me. Some of them are healthy grandparents now.
What were formerly the gravest dangers to childhood, the infections, have been largely eliminated in a lifetime by sanitation, assisted in the last few years by the new drugs. I am speaking, of course, of the more fortunate parts of the world. Children now have an extraordinary chance to grow up. The problem from here on in is to train the parents so that they will train the children that they may justify the upbringing.
Natures marvel
Any child at birth has progressed a tremendous distance since the instant when the sperm united with the ovum. Quantitatively, the multiplication of its cells has gone into astronomical figures; the growth by division of this living matter is one of nature’s marvels. Qualitatively, the diversification of the cells, all coming from the original union, is still more incomprehensible. We can get faint glimpses only of why some cells turn into long black hair, others into a powerful heart muscle, still others into a brain that may turn out to reason as wisely as a Darwin. How are all these diverse, complicated possibilities contained in a sperm and an ovum? The part of man’s brain, which is the home of the higher intellectual activities, contains an estimated nine thousand millions nerve cells, but he cannot answer this question.

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