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Avelox (Moxifloxacin)

If you are not sure which to have, let us briefly go through the different tests again and I will explain my personal feelings on them. If your child is fit and active between attacks I can’t see a particular reason for a routine blood test. It is unpleasant to have done and there is no real gain. While it will demonstrate the presence of allergy it won’t identify which particular allergen is the criminal. As all asthmatic children have allergies it doesn’t really contribute very much to the management.
Chest infections play no part in the production of an asthma attack so in my mind there is no place for a chest X-ray. The only exception is if your doctor wants to exclude uncommon conditions like cystic fibrosis. Please do not worry about this because it is extremely rare. Not only that but your child would be quite ill and it is not usually necessary to confirm it by X-ray. Skin tests en bloc do not necessarily provide useful information as often the asthmatic child is positive to every allergen tested. I have never seen a child with asthma who wasn’t allergic to house-dust mite and pollen. Where they are particularly useful is in testing for a specific allergy, like Suzie’s allergy to horses. Often the household pets are thought to be the problem but it is important to have positive proof before considering any drastic action.
Lung function tests are vital because not only do they confirm the diagnosis but they show the degree of the condition in everyday life.
So, the most important point in asthma testing is to be selective for your own child. The only essential investigation is that of lung function though selective skin testing can be most valuable. This to me seems a more sensible approach than subjecting your child to unnecessary trauma.

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