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Zovirax (Acyclovir)

Other names: Virest
There have been two surveys to find out what people with MS thought about evening primrose oil. One was carried out by Bio-Oil Research Ltd., who manufactures Naudicelle. The other was conducted by ARMS (Action for Research into Multiple Sclerosis).
In the Bio-Oil Research survey 480 MS sufferers took part. Sixty-five per cent felt there had been some improvement in their condition. Forty-three per cent said there had been a stabilization of their condition – they had got no better, and they had got no worse. Twenty-two per cent said there had been fewer and less severe attacks. Twenty per cent said certain symptoms had been alleviated. Thirteen per cent reported an improvement in general health. People in the ‘some improvement’ category mentioned the following benefits:
• Increased mobility
• Increased walking ability
• Reduced spasm or tremor
• Improved bladder function
• Improved eyesight
• Improved condition of hair and skin
• Relief of constipation
• Improvement in wound healing
• Regaining correct weight
• Heavy periods returned to normal
Note: The improved group contained a significantly higher proportion of MS patients who had been diagnosed within the preceding four years.
In the ARMS survey, out of 177 completed questionnaires, 127 said they had improved, 33 reported no change, and 17 felt that their symptoms became worse.
Even though these surveys have no scientific standing, and all the answers are based only on the subjective opinion of the MS sufferer who filled in the questionnaire, the results are nevertheless extremely encouraging.
ARMS members were also asked how long they had been taking evening primrose oil. The answers showed that improvements increased when they had been taking the capsules for more than four months. Beneficial effects appeared as follows:
Under 4 months 35%
4 months to 1 year 73%
1 to 2 years 73%
2 to 3 years 82%
(At the time of the survey, very few members had been on Naudicelle for longer than .three years.) Of the people who returned the completed questionnaires, 141 were also on some kind of diet. The results showed that the people who were exercising some control over their diet (i.e. less saturated fat etc.) had better results with the evening primrose oil.

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