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Tequin (Gatifloxacin)

Condoms have never been considered a reliable form of contraception and doctors rarely advise patients to use them as such. Since the advent of the AIDS virus, condoms have been widely touted as an AIDS “prophylactic.” This emphasis is surprising considering the poor history of condoms as a form of contraception. On the subject of history, Don Juan was reputed to use a silk condom and historical writings also suggest that sausage skins or animal intestines were used as enthusiastic, if not effective forms of early contraception.
General practitioners frequently have women attending, worried about the consequences of a burst condom. Dr. Pamela Chick, formerly of the Family Planning Association in Queensland, points out that if a condom complies with Australian standards it is unlikely that consistent bursting is due to penis size. It is far more likely that the condom is not being put on properly, is torn with a fingernail, has passed the expiry date or has not been stored correctly.
If people are having trouble with breakages they should follow the instructions for use – carefully, taking particular care to remove all air from the tip of the condom while applying it and lubricate with a water based lubricant (KY Gel etc.). It is very important that the lubricant is water based as an oil based lubricant can destroy the rubber. The avoidance of extra thin condoms is also recommended and condoms should be used before the expiry date and stored correctly.
Contrary to popular belief condoms are available in many different shapes and sizes. For those wanting a tighter condom, Crest (they are very thin – take care with fingernails etc.) and Duo Gold Shaped are recommended. As well as these two condoms, Liaison Joie comes manufactured narrower towards the base thus ensuring a tighter fit.
Those wishing to purchase a wider or a longer condom might like to try Ansell Chekmates and Lifestyle Ultrasure and if the user finds a particular brand of condoms thick, rubbery, smelly or tough, they may like to try: Crest (check the freshness) and Durex Featherlite (pink).
As a final word of warning: be careful with multicolored and flavored imports (mail order and sex shops) and always check for use by dates.

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