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Zoloft (Sertraline)

As a result of being unable to respond to problems which would normally have top priority, the over-stressed person might become apparently hopelessly disorganized, ignoring important decisions and busying himself with trivia.
For example, an over-stressed company general manager has to make some significant response to a real threat of industrial action from employees in a factory where a workmate has been killed accidentally. The union is concerned over safety procedures. The manager knows full well that a whole section of the factory is potentially unsafe and really needs rebuilding. However, the Board of Directors has made it clear that the company is just surviving, and the general manager knows that the extra expenditure to fix up the factory floor will be the trigger for closing down the business and result in the loss of many jobs, including his own. To make it more complex, the dead employee was clearly defying normal safety procedures, and the crisis might in fact be negotiable with the union.
However, the general manager has just come out of hospital following an operation for suspected cancer, and his wife’s father has just died. He is suffering from stress breakdown symptoms.
The day he is to meet with the union representatives, he seems not to be able to arrange an agenda for the meeting, but instead is preoccupied with ringing up to order more paper clips for his office.
The big problems appear not to be noticed, appear not to ‘register’ as important, as top priority, but the person instead reacts to little problems as before. When this behaviour is not recognized as due to stress breakdown, wrong assumptions may lead to totally inappropriate responses from others.
The spouses of over-stressed people might complain that the over-stressed person seems to have changed his priorities, or is deliberately ignoring the glaring needs of the family. Misunderstanding this symptom can lead to people feeling emotionally hurt at the apparent about-face in attitudes of the stressed person. ‘He’s so callous, doctor, and he just doesn’t care anymore. He thinks more of taking that dog for a walk than he does about helping me since I had my heart attack!’
It is obvious that a person who is switching off in response to major problems and strong stimuli is not capable at that time of organizing his life in such a way as to reduce the stress he is experiencing. A person in these circumstances needs to be rescued by someone else who will help that person get out of the increasing mess he finds himself in.

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