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Elavil (Amitriptyline)

Other names: Endep
It is important to everyone to be conscious of the warning signs and symptoms of this relatively common disorder. Glaucoma symptoms of which the patient becomes progressively conscious include the following:
1. Blurred vision and rainbow-colored rings around lights giving them a halo effect
2. Additional halo light effects around bright objects other than lights such as pieces of reflecting metal The gradual loss of side (peripheral) vision resulting in the victim seemingly viewing the world through a tunnel
4. Loss of one’s ability to adjust to darkened rooms such as in a theater
5. The need for increasingly bright illumination over time to read or sew
6. Difficulty in driving at night
7. Difficulty in focusing on close work
8. The frequent changing of eyeglass lenses without any noticeable improvement of satisfaction in seeing
9. in one kind of glaucoma, severe pain with redness and hardness of the eyeball.
Increased intraocular pressure, even when slight, affects the eye. The treatment of glaucoma is designed to correct the underlying problem in the drainage mechanism. In some cases, the disease can be halted with medication that reduces the inside eye pressure. In more advanced cases, surgery may be needed to provide a new outflow channel for the accumulated aqueous humor. The scapel is now being replaced by laser beams in which high-intensity light aimed through an operating microscope pierces the iris or opens the outflow mechanism.
If you are over the age of forty, you should have a periodic glaucoma checkup. Ophthalmologists recommend examination for the disorder once a year. Patients whose glaucoma is controlled by eye drops should follow the ophthalmologist’s instructions about their use.

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