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Effexor (Venlafaxine)

There are some very moving case histories in from the files of the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group.
‘Anthony’s improved with evening primrose oil. If this is so effective, why oh why can’t doctors use it?
‘Anthony sat on my knee and watched television, cuddled up. This is the first time since he was born and he is four in September . . .’
‘Anastasia is greatly changed: aged 5% when she started Efamol etc. She learned to read and swim, to tie her laces, began judo, ballet and gymnastics and wets the bed far less often. She is a far happier child now.’
‘There has indubitably been a dramatic improvement in Gerald’s school results, such improvement coinciding exactly with the commencement of the treatment (supplements). The school assesses children fortnightly on a scale which ranges from -7 to +7 for the total work. Prior to the treatment Gerald had never achieved a mark above 0 and was normally around -4 to -5. After starting the treatment his first assessment was +2 and subsequent assessments have been +3 or +З 1/2. He has even for the first time been picked for school sports teams and a solo in a musical concert. Gerald received a prize for the “most improved” child in the school this term.’
Jonathan is the son of a single mother, who ran out of evening primrose oil partly due to the cost. This is her story of what happened when Jonathan stopped taking his supplements:
‘For those 10 days (when he was without his oil etc.) I had noticed that he had dark circles under his eyes, the old white complexion, hyperactivity, stupid, cheeky activity, distress, fighting for nothing – tears – and on Saturday ALL DAY, I lived through the nightmare which I haven’t experienced for 2 years or more. I got it all. He ran away twice, total non-compliance, “he is going to burn the house down” hysteria, crying, tormenting me – all day . . .’
This mother then put her son back on evening primrose oil and the other supplements. Her letter goes on:
‘Jonathan is manageable again for the moment as I have now increased his dose – but it will take time again . . .’
Mother of four children Nikolette Bennett wrote this success story about her hyperactive son Christopher in Alive magazine in Canada:
At the end of a particularly disastrous day, I decided to try Efamol of which I had read positive reports. I began by rubbing a capsule of oil onto his wrists, every day. Within a week, a truly remarkable change took place. Christopher’s speech modulated, the door ceased slamming, and for the first time, he sat through and ate up all of his dinner. He stopped demanding dessert, and ate his breakfast cereal without sugar!
‘I find that I don’t have to use Efamol every day, now. In fact, Christopher knows himself when he needs it. His voracious appetite for sugared foods has disappeared . . .
The most wonderful aspect of being able to meet and overcome the challenge of Christopher’s hyperactivity is that at last we are able to express positive love for our delightful son. Christopher is happier within himself and about himself and our family lives in harmony again.’

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