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Zyrtec-d (Cetirizine-pseudoephedrine)

The newborn baby does not have a fully functioning immune system or digestive system. These develop during the first twelve months of life. During this critical period, the child is dependent on the mother’s milk to provide immunoglobulins for protection and enzymes for digestion. Breast milk contains substances which give the infant immunity, as well as nutrients and enzymes in the exact proportion necessary for the baby’s needs. For this reason, a baby should be breast-fed for at least the first six months of life. If the child is introduced to foreign substances, such as cow’s milk and cereals too early, permanent damage to the developing immune system and lifelong allergy problems can result.
During the first few months of life a child does not produce enough enzymes to break down introduced foods sufficiently. A baby’s gut is very porous and relies on a secretion from the mother’s breast, called colostrum, which acts as a coating, thus preventing harmful protein molecules passing through the gut wall into the blood.
If the child is denied this protection, undigested food particles will enter the bloodstream and confuse the developing immune system, which then accepts them as normal. This causes immunological havoc and instead of being digested by enzymes and white cells, the substances may be ignored by the immune system and left to cause allergy reactions. The problem may continue into adult life, causing further damage to the body and increasing illness.

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