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Flovent (Fluticasone Propionate)

We live in a changing world and one of the most pleasing aspects is that many people are now trying to treat their ailments by utilizing the body’s own healing power, rather than relying on potentially toxic drugs. This is a principle on which I am very keen and would certainly recommend natural therapy whenever possible. The only reluctance I have concerning natural treatment of childhood asthma is that in its severe form it can be life-threatening, so it is vital that the treatment is going to work quickly. Natural therapy does tend to be more gradual in onset and therefore I would not advise using only this when the wheezing is very marked or if the child’s condition is deteriorating.
Clare is a 7 year-old who has only ever had mild attacks of asthma but these had recently become much more frequent so that her chest never seemed clear. Her mother was reluctant to put her on regular conventional treatment and asked me which alternative methods I would recommend for the attacks. I have dealt with prevention using natural means, but Clare really needed something for when she was actually wheezy.
Briefly I reinforced the methods of self-help:
• Turn off the central heating in Clare’s bedroom, as it creates currents of air which circulate allergenic particles which Clare would inhale when asleep.
• No smoking by anyone in the house at any time.
• Avoid furry pets and cage birds.
• Take up a sport which will exercise and strengthen the lungs. Swimming is excellent for the development of the rib cage and the secondary muscles of respiration.
• Encourage Clare, who was keen on music, to take up a wind instrument to establish good breathing habits.
I decided to treat Clare with a mixture of acupuncture and homoeopathy as I have found this combination particularly effective in asthma. This means part of the therapy is carried out by a trained specialist as it is obviously an impossibility to carry out acupuncture on yourself; the rest can be your own responsibility by taking the relevant homoeopathic preparation.

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