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Allegra (Fexofenadine)

Dr Mackarness says that the body has a ‘tolerance level’ to toxins which is relative to the state of health at the time. If the ‘total body load’ exceeds the ‘current tolerance level’ then the body will become ill and remain ill until this situation is reversed.
Sufferers of food and chemical allergies will always have a ‘total body load’, or TBL, which is in excess of their ‘current tolerance level’ or CTL. As they become progressively overloaded, their CTL continues to fall, whilst their TBL continues to increase, until the immune system is exhausted and severe illness or death results. This whole process can take many years. During this time, the victim is caught up in a continuing downhill spiral of increasing chronic ill health. This situation can be halted, and finally reversed, by identifying the allergic foods and chemicals causing the overload, and removing them from diet and environment. Initially, this will require total avoidance, so that the immune system can recover and the CTL can be raised. From then on it is a matter of avoiding allergens enough, to prevent the TBL from exceeding the CTL.
The study of ecological illness in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, has shown that food and chemical sensitivities arc often multiple. This can make diagnosis complex and difficult. Most doctors are not generally conversant with the concept that ecological illness can produce allergies with non-specific symptoms. A wide range of recurring symptoms, resulting in serious general malaise is often misunderstood.
There seems little doubt that multiple allergies, due to ecological intolerance, present a fast growing problem which could take on mammoth proportions by the end of the century.

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