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Allegra-d (Fexofenadine, Pseudoephedrine)

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto immune disease. The body produces antibodies which ultimately attack the inside linings of joint spaces. Not only does Rheumatoid Arthritis produce destruction of the connective tissues inside joints; it also involves other connective tissues. The lungs, the kidneys and even the skin all have the potential to become affected.
Classically, Rheumatoid Arthritis causes painful joints which are at their worst after rest. They are sore and very stiff in the mornings. Dreadful abnormalities of shape not infrequently disfigure the affected joints. The process of joint destruction can be remorseless and progressive.
The Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs dramatically reduce the pain and inflammation of Rheumatoid Disease. This alleviation of pain is not to be confused with retardation in the progression of the disease. No treatment yet invented has been shown to halt the progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The controversy surrounding the usage of NSAIDS in arthritis also applies to people with Rheumatoid Disease. For them the decision is a cruel one. Relief of pain, versus the production of gastric bleeding and peptic ulceration.
The use of paracetamol, plus or minus Codeine for pain and the provision of a long acting anti-inflammatory drug may be a suitable compromise for many people with severe arthritis like Rheumatism. Drugs which are known to put a wet blanket on the Rheumatic process are Quinine, Gold Salts, D Penicillamine and Sulphasalazine. None of these drugs are without significant side effects of their own and they warrant close supervision.
Anti cancer drugs such as Methotrexate, Azathioprine and Cyclophosphamide are also used in severe cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Their side effects are even more significant than the aforementioned long acting anti inflammatory drugs.
Home Remedies
A diet rich in cold water fish provides some gentle relief of the pain and inflammation of Rheumatic Disease. In the absence of a cold water fish intake the diet can be supplemented with cod liver oil, evening primrose oil and linseed oil. Any pattern of behaviour that adversely impacts on the immune system should be avoided. These habits include the intake of nicotine, alcohol, tea, coffee and processed foods.
Advice from and interaction with support groups can be particularly gratifying, so contact the Arthritis Foundation in your own state, Multi disciplinary teams involving nurses, physiotherapists and doctors can also be a mountain of support.
It is always advisable to select footwear that cushions the impact of walking. Buy a good pair of runners and for those who like to dabble on the fringe of orthodox medical care, the herb Fever Few has been shown to reduce pain in association with muscles and joints.

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