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Reasons for coronary bypass surgery
The most common reason for a coronary artery bypass operation is to remove the pain from angina pectoris. Most of you will have been given medication to try to stop this pain or discomfort. If it is not successful in removing the pain, coronary artery bypass surgery is usually required. Some of you, but not all, will have had a heart attack before your operation. Others will have had coronary artery bypass surgery because they were found to be in a critical state with the possibility of an early heart attack. To prevent this happening, the operation was performed.
Methods of coronary bypass surgery
When you have coronary artery bypass surgery, new vessels are grafted to replace those which are blocked. Usually it is necessary to have more than one graft.
There are two major methods of bypassing the narrowing or obstructions in the coronary arteries. One is by taking veins from the leg and using these as bypass grafts from the aorta to below the coronary artery narrowing. The other method is by using the internal mammary arteries. The internal mammary arteries run down on the back of the anterior chest wall, just behind the breast bone and ribs. They carry blood to the muscles between the ribs and other tissue in the front of the chest. They can be dissected from the chest wall and used as grafts to carry blood to beyond the coronary artery narrowing. In some patients arteries are dissected out from other parts of the body, such as the forearm, and used as free grafts using artery tissue, which should prove more long-lasting than veins from the leg.

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